BODHI ZENZ YOGA Class Descriptions

BODHI ZENZ YOGA classes are designed specifically for new and novice practitioners.  Therefore ALL CLASSES are appropriate for beginners as well as more advanced students.  Class intensity levels range from Soothing, Gentle, or Moderate, and are indicated by the icons below.

SOOTHING - A very slow relaxing class, therapeutic and restorative in it's approach


GENTLE - Easy pace, lots of warm-ups, a slightly more active sequence of postures, and a final relaxation


MODERATE - Gentle warm-ups, gradual build to more active intensity, then a cool down and relaxation






Trade your morning Joe for some Yo’ to Go!  Whether you like it mild or bold, our 30-minute early AM classes will wake you up fast and leave you feeling balanced and energized without disrupting your schedule.


EASY AWAKENING                (30 MIN) –   A mellow blend of breath and mindful movement to open your body and awaken your senses, delivering a quick, yet smooth morning pick me up. A great warm-up for the Energizing Awakening class.


ENERGIZING AWAKENING                       (30 MIN) – This more robust posture flow warms the muscles and percolates your energy, increasing strength and flexibility, and sharpening your mental focus.





Our 60, 75 and 90-minute AM classes will start your day with a renewed appreciation for your body and a fresh focus on feeling vital and ALIVE!


EASY MORNING FLOW                 (60 MIN) –This hour version of our Easy Awakening class includes more warm-ups, a longer basic posture sequence offering modified versions as needed, and a soothing closing relaxation.


ENERGIZING FLOW                       (60 MIN) – An extended version of our Energizing Awakening class.  Expect more active posture sequences and longer holds with more warm-ups, and a longer closing relaxation.


REVIVE & REJUVENATE                       (90 MIN) – A fun, safe space to improve strength, flexibility, and balance while honoring the body’s present limitations.  Centering breath and gentle warm-ups gradually build to a more active posture sequence, followed by a soothing cool down and sweet meditation.  Special Discount! This 90-min class is charged at the 60-min rate.



Skip the afternoon rush!  These classes will shift you out of DOING mode and into BEING.  You’ll arrive home feeling so relaxed, your family will think you took the day off!


HAPPY JOINTS         (30 min) – Relieve joint discomfort using gentle stretches, breathing, and simple movements to improve blood flow and increase the range of motion in your joints.  Perfect for those with muscle/joint pain, stiffness, weakness, or fatigue.


SLOW MINDFUL FLOW          (30 min) – A soothing mix of gentle stretching, conscious breathing, and meditative movement.  The perfect follow up to the Happy Joints class, OR an excellent warm-up for the On Your Way OM class.


DEEP ACTIVE STRETCH               (60 min) – Focuses on a systematic progression of deep stretches to improve joint flexibility, free stagnation in the muscle tissue, lubricate the joints and enhance mind/body awareness.  This is not a yoga class, but will greatly enhance your yoga practice, as well as any other fitness activity.  

 CHILL AND RESTORE                   (60 MIN) – This class starts with warm-ups and a basic posture flow to move and stabilize the body’s energy, then shifts to a restorative flow and soothing cool down to completely relax the body and clear the mind.




Gentle to moderately paced classes, focused on inner awareness and self-appreciation designed to open your heart and attune to the interplay of body, mind, and spirit.


ON YOUR WAY OM                 (60 MIN) - This gentle to moderate class will help you build strength and flexibility, and improve mental focus. Using breath, gentle warm-ups, followed by a smooth posture flow and a soothing relaxation to guide you to a sense of mental ease and inner well-being.


BEAUTIFUL YOU                         (60 MIN) – This class is a safe and sacred place for internal reflection on one’s own sense of worth. Combining slow grounding postures with more dynamic postures to encourage deep release and inner connection, while focusing on self-acceptance to release anxiety, and clear the psychic energy.  Essential oils will supplement your relaxation, to enhance healing at a cellular level.


ALIGN & EMPOWER                         (60 MIN) - Cultivate mindfulness, build physical stamina, and improve self-esteem in this meditative, yet moderately paced class emphasizing inner awareness. By connecting conscious breath with active movement, students learn to question self-limiting thoughts and attune to their body’s inner strength and wisdom.


SUNDAY SIESTA              (60 MIN) - Inspired by the Latin cultures that employ this daily time for rest, this slow-paced flow uses conscious breath and a gentle posture sequence to purify, strengthen, and balance after a busy weekend.  Push the “reset button” and prepare to enter the new week from a space of clarity and wholeness.


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