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At Bodhi Zenz our mission is to empower everyone 

to AWAKEN to their own Source of Well-Being within.


We believe that Well-Being is the natural by-product of feeling good in your own skin.  It's less about what you do, and more about how you feel when you're doing it. That's why we offer wellness programs that are fun, and yoga classes you can actually do.

We do more than just  help you reach your wellness goals.  We provide the tools, the guidance, and most importantly, a safe, welcoming space for you to experience a connection to your true self and develop a kinder, more loving relationship with your body.


Our programs, classes, and healing services are designed to inspire, educate, and support you, regardless of your age, size, or current fitness level in creating a strong, flexible body, a healthy self-image, and a fulfilling, more abundant life.  

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                                Our vision is a thriving all-inclusive community  of empowered individuals                                       celebrating life  in health, happiness and prosperity.

Bodhi Zenz is a community resource for healthy living, nestled in the heart of South Miami.  Our sunny “Tree-top Studio” embodies the shared vision of its creators, whose individual wellness journeys, both personal and professional, have converged to inspire a new approach to yoga and wellness - make it fun, easy, convenient, and safe.


We know from our own experience that making lifestyle changes can feel intimidating and overwhelming.  Our programs are based on the premise that with the proper mindset, and the right support, it takes only small consistent changes to create new healthy habits that yield life-long results.


We, along with our team of certified practitioners and teachers, are committed to your success and well-being.  Our primary goal is to help YOU discover how GREAT your body can feel, and how exciting and fulfilling your life can be, once YOU decide to - 





Our intention is to de-mystify the practice of yoga, making it more accessible to the beginner and the novice practitioner, while maintaining its essence - mindful awareness and inner connection.

Yoga’s recent explosion in popularity has lead to a commercialization of yoga for fitness and athletes, with less regard for the individual needs of a varied population seeking ways to improve their health and life.​  Our goal is to reach those who we see are currently not sufficiently served by many yoga studios - the new yogi, the occasional yogi, the older yogi, and even the non-yogi.


To make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to enhance your health and well-being through yoga, we offer - 

  • smaller classes to allow more individual attention

  • shorter classes - 30 & 60-minutes, to suit your schedule or present fitness level 

  • early morning classes to accommodate your work schedule 

  • Yoga Basics course for newcomers or anyone wanting to revisit the fundamentals

  • an "A la Carte" class menu that allows you to group shorter classes together on any given day  


Whether you're a total newbie, a dabbler, or you've been practicing for years, our goal is to make you feel welcome and safe. While you won't find any power yoga or hot yoga at Bodhi Zenz, that doesn't mean every class is super gentle.  It means our instructors are especially trained to support the needs of new and lesser experienced yogis, as well as those with more experience.

HEALTHSNAP Wellness Assessments

HEALTHSNAP Wellness Assessments

Individual Personalized Programs

Individual Personalized Programs

"Healthy Mindset" Support Sessions

"Healthy Mindset" Support Sessions

A Gradual Shift To Healthier Habits

A Gradual Shift To Healthier Habits

Yoga Classes Targeted To Your Goals

Yoga Classes Targeted To Your Goals

Stress Reduction To Relieve Anxiety

Stress Reduction To Relieve Anxiety

Additional Healing Services

Additional Healing Services



We believe that wellness is a state of being AND a state of mind.  

Our programs attune you to your body's innate wisdom, and support you in translating that wisdom into empowering choices and healthy habits.






Bodhi Zenz's formerly known as Zenzations offer a variety of daily holistic services and therapeutic treatments to relieve pain and stress, heal your body and bring balance to your life.  These services include Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massages, Reiki, Quantum-Touch, Access Bars, Anti-aging Facials,Hypnotherapy, Bach Flower Therapy, Stress Reduction, Holistic Life Coaching, and Law Of Attraction.  


For detailed information on these services please click below.





For Therapeutic Masssage, Acupuncture, Anti-aging Facials, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Deep Tissue Massage 

For Holistic Life Coaching, Kripalu Yoga, Deep Tissue Masssage, Stress Reduction, Law Of Attraction Seminars


Feb. 25th 7-9pm

An Introduction to Shamanism postal  p1.

Feb. 26th & 28th 9am to 8pm

An Introduction to Shamanism postal  p2.
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Past Events

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We continue to support your well-being in Mind, Body, & Spirit through a variety of classes, workshops, and special events to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, SUPPORT, and DELIGHT.  


For more information on any event, CLICK THE EVENT that interests you, mark your calendar, and tell your friends!

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